Thanos’ Snap Almost Happened in Avengers: Endgame – IGN


“Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good.”

Warning: Spoilers follow for Avengers: Infinity War.

The Thanos snap that wiped out half of all life in the universe at the end of Avengers: Infinity War was originally discussed for the upcoming Avengers: Endgame in early drafts.

In a new interview with Empire magazine, co-writer Stephen McFeely revealed that early on in the writing process, the original placement of the snap was going to take place after Avengers: Infinity War.

“We had so much story in those early drafts of Infinity War that, if anything, we thought we maybe shouldn’t do The Snap until the end of act one of Endgame,” McFeely told Empire.

When the decision was made to have the snap occur in Avengers: Infinity War, Head of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, said it was an ending they had planned for years.

“We talked about that ending for years and years and years. It was the reason to adapt Infinity Gauntlet,” Feige said. “What was the most shocking thing we could do? End the movie with The Snap.”

Avengers: Endgame premieres in theaters on April 26, 2019.

For more on Endgame, check out our breakdown of the latest trailer, the five secrets hidden in the new poster, and find out where all of the main MCU heroes are following the snap.

Michael Domanico is a freelance writer. Follow him on Twitter.

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Drinking two or more sugary sodas or sports drinks a day linked with early death — especially in women – MarketWatch

How sweet it isn’t — drinking sugary drinks has been associated with a greater risk of death from cardiovascular disease, especially among women, according to a new report from the American Heart Association’s journal, Circulation.

What’s more, while swapping out one sugar-sweetened beverage a day, such as a soda or a sports drink, with an artificially-sweetened drink (using low-calorie or noncaloric sweeteners like Stevia, Splenda or NutraSweet) was associated with a slightly lower mortality risk, sipping too many artificial sweeteners gets risky too. Drinking four or more of those artificially-sweetened drinks was linked to a greater risk of death among women.

Previous studies have found a correlation between sweetened soft drinks and weight gain, as well as between sugary beverages and health problems related to weight gain, such as Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. A pair of reports drawn from the Framingham Heart Study (FHS) at Boston University Medical Center in 2017 linked sipping sugary drinks with poor memory and smaller brain volume — and a daily diet-soda habit was linked to a much higher risk of suffering stroke and dementia.

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But the new report by the American Heart Association and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health analyzed data from two large, longitudinal studies to determine whether guzzling sugar-sweetened beverages or artificially-sweetened beverages would be worse for life expectancy. Researchers studied 37,716 men in the Health Professionals follow-up study (which began in 1986) and 80,647 women in a Nurses’ Health Study (which began in 1976), controlling for other dietary factors, physical activity and body mass index (BMI).

Those who drank two or more sugary drinks a day were associated with a 31% increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease, and an 18% increased risk of cancer death in both men and women, compared to those who drank less than one sugar sweetened beverage a month. But when sorted by gender, the syrupy sips appeared especially harmful for women: Those who had more than two a day (with a serving defined as a standard glass, bottle or can) saw a 63% increased risk of early death, while men who did the same saw a 29% increase in risk. Cardiovascular disease was the leading cause of premature death, followed by cancer (primarily colon and breast cancer).

“Drinking water in place of sugary drinks is a healthy choice that could contribute to longevity,” said Vasanti Malik, lead author on the paper, in a statement. “Diet soda may be used to help frequent consumers of sugary drinks cut back their consumption, but water is the best and healthiest choice.”

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Drinking a typical 12-ounce can of soda adds between 140 and 150 calories on average, and 35 to 37.5 grams of sugar, the American Heart Association noted, naming sweetened drinks as the biggest source of added sugar in the average American’s diet.

But even replacing those drinks with low- or no-calorie drinks flavored with artificial sweeteners should be done in moderation. While replacing one sugar-sweetened beverage with one artificially-sweetened drink a day was associated with a 4% lower risk of overall mortality (and a 5% lower risk of cardiovascular disease death, and a 4% lower risk of cancer death), women who drank four or more artificially sweetened drinks a day, in particular, were associated with a higher risk of death.

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The researchers noted that this finding was not considered as strong as the possible association between sugary drinks and an increased risk of death, however, and requires further research. More research is also needed to understand why sweetened drinks appear to have such a harmful effect on women’s health, in particular. A study published in the journal Stroke last month also found that women age 50 and older who drink more than one artificially sweetened beverage a day have a higher risk of stroke, heart attack or early death.

Two of the biggest sweetened beverage makers, Coca Cola Co.

KO, +0.24%

  and PepsiCo

PEP, +1.39%

 , did not respond to MarketWatch requests for comment by publication time.

The American Beverage Association, which describes itself as the voice for the non-alcoholic beverage industry in the U.S., responded in a statement to MarketWatch that: “Soft drinks, like all the beverages made by our industry, are safe to consume as part of a balanced diet. The sugar used in our beverages is the same as sugar used in other food products. We don’t think anyone should overconsume sugar, that’s why we’re working to reduce the sugar people consume from beverages across the country. Additionally, low- and no-calorie sweeteners have been repeatedly confirmed as safe by regulatory bodies around the world.”

It added that, “We are leveraging our strengths in marketing and innovation to interest people in options with less sugar and zero sugar and in smaller package sizes. We’re creating more drinks with less or no sugar and we’re making smaller bottle and can options more widely available while boosting consumer demand for these options through our marketing. Today, 50% of all beverages purchased contain zero sugar.”

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Indeed, soda consumption in the United States fell to a 31-year low in 2016, according to Beverage Digest. And people bought more bottled water than soda in 2017, gulping 13.2 billion gallons of water (up from just 9.5 billion in 2012) compared to 12.3 billion gallons of soda (which dropped from 13.3 billion gallons in 2012).

So sweetened beverage makers are diversifying their projects to suit healthier tastes. Pepsi acquired home seltzer maker SodaStream last year for $3.2 billion, as well as Bare Foods, which makes dried fruit and vegetable snacks, for an undisclosed price. It also announced last month that it snapped up Muscle Milk maker CytoSport. Coca-Cola has relaunched its Coke Zero and Diet Coke brands, and rolled out sparkling versions of its Dasani and SmartWater products last year — when it also acquired mineral water brand Topo Chico.

Sparkling water generated nearly $49 million in sales in 2018 alone, up 22% from the year before, Nielsen reports. And the sparkling water category — including beverages like club soda and seltzer — grew 54% in the past four years.

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WarnerMedia Naming Interim Exec Team Tuesday Following Kevin Tsujihara Departure – Deadline

UPDATED, 1:01PM Following Warner Bros. CEO & Chairman Kevin Tsujihara’s stepping down today, Deadline has confirmed that an interim leadership group will be named tomorrow to takeover the embattled exec’s daily duties.

The speculation is that team will include Warner Bros. Motion Pictures Group Chairman Toby Emmerich, Warner Bros. Television Group President and CCO Peter Roth, and another executive, most likely female. Many of these execs haven’t even been informed by Stankey yet, so this line-up could change by tomorrow. Word is that the female executive being considered is Warner Bros. President of Global Brands and Experiences, Pam Lifford, considered to be a very important voice on the Burbank, CA lot. Lifford’s responsibilities include Warner Bros. Consumer Products, DC, and Themed Entertainment.

In the wake of new texts that hit the trades about Tsujihara’s extramarital affair with British actress Charlotte Kirk and the alleged possibility that he was involved in having her cast in Ocean’s 8 and How to Be Single, the executive stepped down this morning, effective immediately.

“It is in the best interest of WarnerMedia, Warner Bros., our employees and our partners for Kevin to step down as Chairman and CEO of Warner Bros.,” said WarnerMedia CEO John Stankey in a statement. “Kevin has contributed greatly to the studio’s success over the past 25 years and for that we thank him. Kevin acknowledges that his mistakes are inconsistent with the Company’s leadership expectations and could impact the Company’s ability to execute going forward.”


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40% of people with HIV transmit most new infections in the US, a new analysis says. Here’s the plan to stop the spread – CNN

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Apple iPad Air 2019 and iPad Mini 2019: Price, Specs, Release Date – WIRED

Blink and you might have missed the early-morning tweet from Apple CEO Tim Cook—the one showing him scrawling the word “Hello” on an iPad Mini using a stylus. An updated Mini is the device that small-tablet fans have been hoping for since 2015, the year the iPad Mini 4 launched. It’s been so long since the Mini saw an update, some people presumed the product to be dead.

But it turns out the iPad Mini lives again, as does the sleek iPad Air. New versions of both were announced by Apple this morning.

The iPad Mini and iPad Air are “new” in the accurate sense of the word; they have new processors and updated displays. They also both now support the Pencil, Apple’s $99 stylus. They effectively replace all previous Mini and Air tablets. But their names and their builds are throwbacks: white bezels where Apple’s pricier tablets have none, a Lightning port instead of USB-C, and a familiar home button in an era when Apple is doing away with them everywhere else. The new iPads add two more models to Apple’s entire iPad lineup, which now totals five versions of the mobile computer—even as the tablet market continues to decline.

The new iPad Mini has the same 8.0-inch by 5.3-inch body as the one before it. Its display resolution is also the same, but now gets a boost from Apple’s “True Tone” color shifting technology and can display a wider range of colors. It has support for faster Wi-Fi speeds and gigabit LTE. It also runs on Apple’s A12 Bionic chip, which has its own neural engine for machine learning-powered tasks, though this isn’t quite as amped up as the A12X chip found in Apple’s more expensive hardware.

Both new iPads are on sale now. The iPad Air starts at $499, and the iPad Mini starts at $399. Both new models are more expensive than last year’s basic iPad, which starts at $329.


The new iPad Air is a bit of a head-scratcher. First, the original iPad Air was discontinued a couple of years ago, so today’s release is a true revival. Despite its “Air” moniker, it’s not even the thinnest iPad out there; the iPad Pro is a hair slimmer. The Air does weigh just a pound, which means it’s lighter than the Pros. Otherwise, the 10.5-inch iPad Air has many of the same updates as the Mini. It has a high-resolution True Tone display, the same A12 Bionic processor, the same home button/fingerprint sensor, the same support for the first-generation Pencil. Both have eight-megapixel rear cameras, seven-megapixel front-facing cameras, and capture HD video.

Both new tablets are selling now. The iPad Air starts at $499 for 64 gigabytes of internal storage, and the iPad Mini starts at $399 for the same amount of storage. That means the Mini still isn’t the least expensive iPad available. That title goes to last year’s 9.7-inch iPad, which starts at $329, has a less powerful processor, and doesn’t have the better display found in the new models. But the new iPad Air and iPad Mini cost much less than the iPad Pros, which have a high-end-laptop price tag.

Lauren Guenveur, a senior research analyst at IDC, told WIRED that the new iPad Air is a kind of “jumping point” between the lower-range iPads and the high-end iPad Pros. It fills an important gap, especially since Apple also quietly killed off the 10.5-inch iPad Pro today. “The Air is the ‘in-between’ selling price and ‘in-between’ brand name that they needed to sell in order to get people up the stack.”

But the iPad Mini is also uniquely positioned because of its small size. It’s the kind of hardware that can appeal to a wide range of people, from game-obsessed kids, to people looking for something Kindle-sized for media consumption, to frequent flyers, to doctors and other professionals who want something (sort of) pocketable when they’re out in the field. It’s also a popular choice for small businesses looking to modernize their point-of-sale terminals. Despite Apple’s pedigree as a consumer tech company, it knows that consumers don’t upgrade their tablets all that often, and there’s opportunity in the commercial space.

“One of the only bright spots in the slate segment right now is the commercial segment, especially field workers,” says Guenveur. “They still need a device that’s slightly more capable than a smartphone in what they do.”

Guenver added that she believes AR glasses will fulfill a lot of those kinds of in-the-field needs at some point in the near future. So if Apple was ever going to refresh its once-popular iPad models, “It’s a now or never moment in that sense,” says Guenveur.

The release of the new iPads is coming exactly a week before Apple is set to host a media-focused event at which the company is expected to reveal a new subscription service for news and potentially flex its streaming video muscle in an attempt to compete more seriously with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Last year around this time, Apple held an iPad event in Chicago focused on both hardware and software: The new Pencil-friendly version of the iPad was accompanied by software aimed at teachers and students.

But clearly, Apple didn’t want to mix its hardware and software announcements this time around. And the new iPads were announced with much less fanfare than usual. Last fall, the announcement of new iPad Pros was deemed worthy of a large-scale event at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. This morning, all we got was a simple and enigmatic tweet.

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